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Anti-counterfeit method of hot stamping foil

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/12/30 9:22:05 Hits:1953

With the development of society, due to the emergence of counterfeit products from time to time in people's lives, so people on the security of high-end products, more and more attention, the security is almost applied to the whole packaging industry, such as security inks, security printing pattern, paper security, stamping security, UV oil security and so on. Stamping security is relatively higher. Control more complex kind of anti-counterfeiting technology, here introduces the following two security methods:

① laser patterning itself with foil, and by stamping pattern is transferred to the substrate, so that the substrate stamping surface with a variety of rainbow patterns, and thus play a security role. Such foil technology more advanced, greater difficulty of making, and the price is more expensive, so that imitators prohibitive.

② the use of holograms on the pattern foil, by mechanical control of the complete pattern positioned on the substrate fixed pattern. This process is the use of stamping version, holographic security foil pattern and substrate pattern Trinity positioning registration, more difficult.

Because security is a relatively new stamping technology, the higher the operator's technical requirements must be reasonable control expenditure, minimize unnecessary waste.
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