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The success of China's first vehicle off the assembly line in China Aluminum Dump Heavy Duty Truck

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/12/30 9:20:26 Hits:2133
Recently, China CNHTC Special Purpose Vehicle Company successfully developed aluminum lightweight dump truck off the assembly line, the products with independent intellectual property rights, technological innovation leading domestic level, is the first aluminum tipper vehicles.

To achieve energy saving construction vehicles saving goals, CNHTC Special Purpose Vehicle Technical Center lightweight dump truck in accordance with international trends, the project developed lightweight aluminum tipper. To solve the weight problem, the company for the first time the scale of the use of aluminum alloy material on special vehicles, after several tests, the successful resolution of the aluminum alloy material in bending, welding, manufacturing process technology problems, other types of aluminum for the future product development has accumulated valuable experience.

This aluminum dumper car all with the design and manufacture of high-strength aluminum alloy plate, changed the traditional dump truck box from the steel manufacturing history. Because of the density of the aluminum alloy material is only 1/3 of steel, so the use of aluminum alloy greatly reduces the curb weight, the fuel economy, lower emissions and performance obvious advantages, is a meet coal, grain and other bulk cargo transport demand for high quality dump truck.
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